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A true legacy is much more than just leaving your money behind. Legacy covers all facets of an individual’s life, from family traditions, history, values, and life lessons to financial autonomy. These subjects are complex and can be emotional, often difficult to discuss with family members. Defining and being able to communicate what you want your future to look like can help ensure that your wishes, hopes, fears and other key issues are addressed and planned for.

Allowing you to define your living legacy.

To engage in our financial planning process, what we refer to as The Legacy Compass™, we provide you with the instrument that will assist you in discovering, planning and protecting your legacy. There is no mystery to financial planning. What it simply requires is taking a personal, in-depth look at your goals and deciding how you intend to achieve them. Our process ensures that your financial world is organized, easy to understand and always accessible to you. We accomplish this through our five step process.

Step 1

Initial Breakthrough

Discuss the financial goals you want to prioritize and review the steps already taken to achieve them.

Step 2

The Discovery Analysis:

We present a snapshot of your current financial picture and compare it with your stated values, goals and objectives.

Step 3

Mapping The Journey:

Layout custom designed options, based on your goals and ideas that will map the journey to achieve financial autonomy.

Step 4


Once you have decided on the course, we can then employ the strategies and recommendations that will provide you with peace of mind.

Step 5

Maintaining the Legacy Compass:

We continually monitor your situation to ensure that you remain on track to work towards your goals.

Our Services

Our designs and strategies on wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, risk management, financial & estate planning are completely customized based on what you want and need. We take your ideas, add some ingenuity and develop a plan that is yours and yours alone. We take a proactive, not reactive, approach to investing, risk management and planning.

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Your Team

Robert A. Egan, CFP®, CWS®

Founder & Principal

Unlike most of us, Robert is happiest when there is an ample amount of snow on the ground. An avid snowboarder, he spends as much time in the mountains as possible. The foundation of his belief as an advisor and fiduciary is that clients deserve someone who will act in their best interest with independence and objectivity. He volunteers and proudly serves on the advisory board for the non-profit Defy Ventures.


Kathleen Reichmann

Office Manager

Kathy is a proud mother of her two sons – Christopher and Ryan. She is a full-time hockey and basketball mom outside of the office and very much enjoys watching her boys pursue their passion. She can tie a pair of ice hockey skates like no other! Kathy brings to EP Wealth Management, LLC over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry.



Head of Security

Although Chelsea brings absolutely no security experience to the firm, she is a quick learner.  Coming to the Northeast from Texas, she has quickly grown accustomed to big city life.  However, she will always be a country girl at heart.  Her favorite activities include playing hide and seek, chasing her friends at the park and taking naps.


EP Wealth Management, LLC

EPWM was founded on the belief that a financial services firm could and should deliver a deeper pledge to their clients. With an unwavering commitment to service, our experienced personnel help provide clients with the one-of-a-kind, comprehensive planning experience they deserve.

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